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We help early-stage B2B and B2C startups build Robust Platforms

We build Scalable, High Performance & Responsive Web & Mobile Apps that you're proud of. Design Efficient Backend Systems without the hassle of a traditional agency.

The Problem

Your startup faces obstacles in hiring, training, and managing in-house teams due to a lack of skilled workforce, infrastructure, and tools.


You often find yourself in short on cash, people, and tools, making it tough to grow, market, or build top-notch products.

Finding the right folks for your next Gig without breaking the bank is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Income's all over the place, bills pile up, and the next investment's a gamble. It's like trying to balance on a tightrope.


Paydeck Payments Image

Paydeck Payments

Credit Card Payments Platform in India with over 2M+ Users and $3B+ in Transactions
Fintech Software Development
Mobile App Development
Payment Processing
Tax Report Generation
Anayees Store Image

Anayees Store

Yemen Based Original Clothing & Accessories Brand Store Apps
Flutter App Development
Shopify APIs
App Store Optimization
Payment Gateway Integration
NotionPDF Image


SaaS website for a PDF Generator Tool for pages
SaaS Product Development
Subscription System
Stripe Integration
No-Code APIs
Home Automation Image

Home Automation

An app to automate devices at home remotely using Wifi
Subscription System
iOS Development
Android Development
Stylopay Image


Virtual Prepaid Credit Card System for International Payments
Android App Development
Virtual Cards
Payment Processor Integration
School Management Image

School Management

Backoffice Management and Accounting Software for Government Schools in India
PHP Web Development
KYC Verification API Integration
Bank & PAN Document API Integration
PDF CSV Document Report Formatting
EOM/EOY Accounting Reports
Technogise Image


A Software Development Agency Website built with Gatsby
Agency Website Development
TeamTailor Careers
Lending Systems with Stablecoins Image

Lending Systems with Stablecoins

A Software Development Agency Website built with Gatsby
Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration
Risk Mitigation System
Partner Management
VueJS Web Development
Cryptocurrency P2P Exchange Image

Cryptocurrency P2P Exchange

A Software Development Agency Website built with Gatsby
Escrow System
VueJS Web Development
Cryptocurrency Wallets Image

Cryptocurrency Wallets

A Software Development Agency Website built with Gatsby
Bitgo Wallet Integration
Wallet Key Management
VueJS Web Development
Remittance Platform Image

Remittance Platform

An OTC platform for remittance exchange based in North America
Payment Gateway APIs
Bitcoin Node
Etereum Node
Cryptocurrency Transactions
VueJS Web Development
Cab Rent & Aggregator Image

Cab Rent & Aggregator

Cab Rent & Aggregation
iOS App Development
Mobile Wallet Systems
Payment Gateways
Travel Payments App Image

Travel Payments App

An iOS app for creating Virtual Card spending money for Tourists in London
Virtual Card Processor APIs
iOS App Development
Mobile Payments
Transport Service APIs
Home Service Apps Image

Home Service Apps

Apps for managing a Home Service Provider Business in India
Payment Gateway Integration
Flutter App Development
EOM reports for Payments
Earning Reports
Mobile Wallet APIs
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